Joy Bakery

It’s that time of year…croissants!

Every year around Christmas and Easter I fashion croissants from scratch and take delight in seeing people melt into buttery smiles. Would you like to taste and see?

Each croissant is created over three days laboring in love from my inspired recipes and embody my training as a Baker in the authentic French bakery: Sparrow Bakery, Bend, Oregon.

Taste and See

Sweet Croissants

Joie Buns ~ These exquisite treasures are my most popular. Cardamom, Cinnamon, and Vanilla linger on your tongue as you taste and see the joy that comes from mixing sweet with spicy.

Tradition! ~ A salute to the classic French croissant, this intricately folded pastry is filled with layer upon layer of butter.

Savory Croissants

Cheesie Buns ~ A delicate hint of pepper lights up your palate as you are engulfed in melted cheesy goodness.

Oh My Oh Yes ~ Not sure about jalapenos? Just wait till the heat sinks into bliss when the cream cheese hits – a perfect balance you won’t want to miss.

Petite Pastries

$2 for one                                                  $10 for six                                          $20 for a dozen

Please email to place your order.

Thank You & Enjoy!


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