On to a new adventure



Our visit to Willamette Law School in Salem, OR

This August begins a new chapter in our lives. An exciting and somewhat nerve-racking one. This past autumn, I was accepted into Willamette Law School. I guess you could say I always had an interest in law but it was usually on the law enforcement side of things. However, as doors continually closed for long term careers in law enforcement I began to really search my heart and seek God in what I should do for a vocation.  As I thought about my time in law enforcement as an intern, security officer, park security, etc., I began to see that this type of work, especially police work, probably wasn’t the best fit for me. Both in terms of the type of stress/hardships it presents but also my personality type. Thus I prayed about and considered what the next step should be in our lives. With the help of my wonderful wife and her encouragement I decided that looking into law school and practicing law seemed to be a step in the


Outside of Oregon’s capitol that is across the street from the law school

right direction.  This is a huge step for a young married couple to take. It’s one thing for a single guy right out of college to jump into law school but it’s a different dynamic as a married couple. It’s taken a lot of faith and prayer but we feel God leading in this direction and He has shown Himself throughout the process. I was not only accepted into law school, which can be difficult in and of itself, but I received a scholarship that covers just over half the cost. A huge blessing and answer to prayer, for without it, the high cost of law school would have been a burden that we weren’t sure we were willing to take on.  It’s going to be very challenging but in a good way. I love learning and I have always been about the pursuit of justice. I’m passionate about serving God and man in this manner. While one of my goals is to be involved in the political scene and the government side of things, I am excited about the many different types of opportunities that God could provide through practicing law. The more I learn about law and the work that is done by different organizations and law firms the more I am filled with intrigue and fueled with passion. It’s only because of God that I am writing this news, but I believe it was Him working through the encouragement and faith of my wife that helped me stay strong through the process of studying for law school, applying, believing for more financial help and everything else that went along with it.

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

          Desmond Tutu


IMG_1239 (2)

The Willamette River in Salem, OR


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