A Summer to Remember

Making friends, hosting dinners, coordinating picnics and hikes. Cherished church community camping. McMenamins Theatre movie nights. image6Weekly dates bike riding to the Farmers Market. Baseball playoffs. Baseball food. Capture the Flag. Fresh flowers, fresh produce, summer tomatoes – ’nuff said! Ice cream and brownies and Brownie Ice Cream. Cool evenings with windows open and records playing. Shopping for care packages, assembling them, standing in long post office lines. Gardening – plants dying – six snap peas.

Masses of tadpoles overpopulating pristine lakes. Butterflies thriving among old volcanic obsidian. Sweltering heat of painted hills and the giant sunflowers mocking our thirst.

image3Looking for Venus with our star gazing guide – where is it?. Floating down the river with a built in ice chest. Hot Air Balloons lighted at dusk. Discovering the satisfaction of liver. Fresh watermelon and lime water. Mint Juleps and Spiked Homemade Lavender Lemonade. Grilling burgers and homemade fries. Making pizza. Ordering pizza. Take out pizza.

Remembering the exhilaration of yoga at 114 degrees. Trail runs with my husband. Heart to hearts with church sisters and only getting through two pages at book club. Amazing visits from far away friends. Shrieking over games of Mah-jonng. Movie marathons. Disney. Marx Brothers. Woody Allen. Laughing Late into the Night – Life’s Best Medicine.

Thank you God for the best summer in 15 years. You sure do love to bless your children.


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